Around Scotland 1

Published: Sunday 18th September 2011
  1. By what name are Scottish mountains over 3,000 ft. high known by?
  2. Which army regiment founded in 1650 takes its name from the Border's town in which it was formed?
  3. For what event did the UK's smallest police force conduct the largest criminal inquiry?
  4. Which future steel baron and philanthropist was born in Dunfermline in 1835?
  5. What is the name of the coastal walk that covers the 70 miles between the Forth and the Tay bridges?
  6. Which TWO rivers does the city of Aberdeen sit between?
  7. Which Royal residence is situated in the Grampian region?
  8. Which town in the Highlands is the centre of the UK's skiing industry?
  9. What are the Five Sisters of Kintail?
  10. Which is the deepest lake in Scotland?
  11. Which city is home to the Scottish Parliament?
  12. Where is the Royal Yacht Britannia now permanently moored?
  13. What is the administrative centre of the Orkney Islands?
  14. Which island in the Firth of Clyde provides the granite for curling stones?
  15. Which of Scotland's 12 regions is the largest in area?
  16. Built in Glasgow in 1947 what is the World's last sea-going paddle ship?
  17. What is the largest town on the Island of Mull?
  18. Where is Scott's ship "Discovery" now moored?
  19. On which Scottish island is "Fingal's Cave"?
  20. In which city is the headquarters of the University of the Highlands and Islands?
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