Around Scotland 2

Published: Wednesday 16th November 2011
  1. Which county, the smallest in Scotland is known as "The Wee County"?
  2. Cornton Vale is Scotland's only all-female prison, near which city is it located?
  3. In which town is the Robert Burns centre located?
  4. Which town is said to be the "Home of Golf"?
  5. Which city is known as "The Granite City"?
  6. Which town is home to the annual Highland Games?
  7. After which town are the Parthenon Marbles usually referred?
  8. What is the highest mountain in Scotland?
  9. Which town usually provides the finishing point for walks starting in Lands End?
  10. Which lake in Scotland has the largest surface area?
  11. Which city goes under the nicknames "Auld Reekie" or "Athens of the North"?
  12. Which island group houses the most Northerly settlement, castle and church in the British Isles?
  13. Which town in Strathclyde was developed by Robert Owen as an experiment in socialism?
  14. What is the main railway station in Edinburgh called?
  15. A rich fruit cake decorated on top with split almonds is named after which Scottish place?
  16. Which Scottish island is home to the towns of Port Askaig and Port Ellen?
  17. What is the name of the extinct volcano that overlooks Edinburgh?
  18. Which of the 12 Scottish regions has the smallest area?
  19. On which island is the mountain of "Goat Fell"?
  20. The longest river in Scotland is the River Tay in which town does it reach the sea?
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