Around France 1

Published: Sunday 18th December 2011
  1. What is the name given to the brandy made in the Gers department of Gascony?
  2. By what name do the English know the area that the French refer to as "La Manche"?
  3. Which French city is served by the Cote d'Azure airport?
  4. What name is given to the French national secondary school diploma?
  5. What is the TGV in France?
  6. By what name is the marshy region of the Rhone delta known?
  7. The French city of Bordeaux stands near the mouth of which river?
  8. Who was burned at the stake in 1431 and made a Saint in 1922?
  9. What did the Treaty of Paris set up in 1951?
  10. What are the THREE principle rivers of France?
  11. Which is the largest port in France?
  12. To what do the French refer to as "Les Illes Normande"?
  13. Into which sea does the Rhone flow?
  14. What are "Petit St. Bernard" and "Col du Tourmalet"?
  15. What is the name of the spa town which served as the seat of the French Government from 1940-44?
  16. What stands at the end of the Champs Elysee in Paris?
  17. What is the name of the fictional woman who serves as a symbol of the French Republic?
  18. Which French city is often referred to as "The Perfume Capital of the World"?
  19. By which name is the University of Paris more commonly known?
  20. Which city in the south of France is famous for its annual film festival?
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