Around Wales 3

Published: Tuesday 3rd January 2012
  1. Whose well was the North Wales town of Holywell named after?
  2. Which West Wales county is known as "Little England beyond Wales"?
  3. Which town on the River Taf was home to Dylan Thomas?
  4. In which Welsh castle was the future Henry VII born in 1457?
  5. Which OTHER Patron Saint is St. David's Cathedral dedicated to?
  6. Where would you find "The Big Pit"?
  7. Where was the 2010 Ryder Cup held?
  8. How many letters are in Wales' longest place name, often known in short as Llanfair PG?
  9. Which castle was the site of the investiture of the Prince of Wales?
  10. Which town in South Wales is home to The Royal Mint?
  11. What is the name of the building that houses the National Assembly of Wales?
  12. Which area in South Wales was the first in the UK to be designated an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty"?
  13. Which town on the Welsh Border is known for its second hand book shops?
  14. Which mountain range lies between Aberystwyth and Rhayader?
  15. What is "Cawl"?
  16. Which South Wales town was formed when the towns of Margam and Aberavon combined in the 1920s?
  17. Which stretch of water separates Anglesey from the rest of Wales?
  18. Which THREE national parks are in Wales?
  19. In which Welsh town is the World's largest "Camera Obscura"?
  20. One of the most successful pirates in history by what name is Welshman John Roberts better known?
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