Around Scotland 3

Published: Sunday 12th February 2012
  1. Which TWO National Parks are located in Scotland?
  2. Which town on the Scottish Borders is traditionally a destination for runaway brides?
  3. Which is the oldest university in Scotland?
  4. Which waterway designed by Thomas Telford follows a 60 mile route from Inverness to Corpach?
  5. Which moor four miles east of Inverness was the site of the last major battle on British soil?
  6. What is the largest lake, by volume, in Scotland?
  7. In which city is the Heriot-Watt university located?
  8. Which river flows through Glasgow?
  9. What are the SEVEN cities in Scotland?
  10. Of Scotland's 12 regions which has the largest population?
  11. Of Scotland's 12 regions which has the lowest population?
  12. To whom is Glasgow cathedral dedicated?
  13. With a capacity of 67,800, which is the largest sports stadium in Scotland?
  14. Which racecourse hosts the Scottish Grand National each year?
  15. Which spread was Dundee's major export of the 19th Century?
  16. By what name is the Royal Highland Regiment often known?
  17. Which settlement on the River Tay is known as "The Fair City"?
  18. On which island are the Cuillin Mountains?
  19. In which town was Scotland's first McDonalds restaurant opened?
  20. The Orkneys are separated from the Scottish mainland by which body of water?
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