Geography 2

Published: Wednesday 17th October 2012
  1. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
  2. Which is the largest country through which the Equator passes?
  3. What is the longest river in France?
  4. In which ocean are The Seychelles?
  5. Which stretch of water separates Australia and New Zealand?
  6. In which Irish county is the Giant's Causeway?
  7. In which European country is Lake Garda?
  8. In which Spanish city is the Alhambra Palace?
  9. In which Country are the Southern Alps?
  10. Of which country are The Azores a part?
  11. In which US State is Yellowstone National Park?
  12. Which English county has the longest coastline?
  13. Abertawe is the Welsh name for which city?
  14. Which is the most populous island in the World?
  15. How many Emirates make up the United Arab Emirates?
  16. What does the name REYKJAVIK translate to in English?
  17. In which Country is the port of Fray Bentos?
  18. The River Danube flows into which sea?
  19. Of which Country is Doha the capital?
  20. In which city is the only Royal Palace in the USA?
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