Florida 1

Published: Monday 6th January 2014
  1. Who is said to have been the first European visitor to Florida in 1513?
  2. What is the State Flower of Florida?
  3. Which is the only US State to lie south of Florida?
  4. Although he spent many years in Florida, how many of Nobel Prize winning novelist Ernest Hemmingway's books have the State as its setting?
  5. Florida has the second longest coastline of all the US States, which has the longest?
  6. Which famous rock singer was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 8th 1943?
  7. In which Florida City are the attractions Disney World and Sea World to be found?
  8. A Native American Indian woman is depicted on the State flag, from which tribe does she come?
  9. Which dessert is named after the citrus fruit Citrus Aurantifulia, found throughout the Southern part of Florida?
  10. Used for every NASA human space flight since 1968, where in Florida is the Kennedy Space Centre located?
  11. What nickname is given to the State of Florida?
  12. Which Central Florida University is named after a hat manufacturer?
  13. Approximately how many islands make up the Florida Keys, is it [a]17, [b]170, [c]1700 or [d]17000?
  14. As at January 2014 how many teams from Florida competed in the NFL?
  15. What is the State capital of Florida?
  16. Actor Sidney Poitier was born in Miami in 1927, for which movie did he become the first African-American to win the Best Actor Oscar?
  17. What is EPCOT, opened as part of the Disney World complex in 1982, an acronym for?
  18. Florida shares land borders with which TWO other US States?
  19. Which Florida City is known as "Venice of America" due to its 185 miles of waterways?
  20. Which Florida Township is said to be the oldest European settlement in North America?
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