Yorkshire Quiz 1

Published: Sunday 16th March 2014
  1. Which is the largest city in Yorkshire?
  2. To which Saint is York Minster dedicated?
  3. Which THREE British Prime Ministers were born in Yorkshire?
  4. In which Yorkshire city would you find the Ferens Art Gallery?
  5. Which TWO National Parks lie largely in Yorkshire?
  6. What flower is the symbol of Yorkshire?
  7. Which Yorkshire race course is the largest circular flat course in Europe?
  8. Which National Museum was established in York in 1975?
  9. Which inn in North Yorkshire is said to be Britain's Highest Public House?
  10. What did Harry Brearley invent in a Sheffield laboratory in 1913?
  11. In which Yorkshire town was the original Harry Ramsden's fish and chip shop located?
  12. Although they are always associated with Haworth, in which Yorkshire village were the Bronte sisters born?
  13. Which Yorkshire village was home to the World's longest running TV Sit-Com?
  14. What was the Roman name for York?
  15. In which Yorkshire town was slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce born?
  16. Yorkshire was originally split into three "Ridings", from which language does this come?
  17. What is the traditional nickname for a Yorkshireman?
  18. Home to Britain's first IMAX cinema, which Yorkshire city houses the National Media Museum?
  19. At which Yorkshire location was the first lighthouse in Britain built in 1427?
  20. In which Yorkshire town was Rugby League formed in 1895?
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