Around Germany 1

Published: Monday 22nd September 2014
  1. Which three colours make up the German flag?
  2. What is significant about the German cathedral in Ulm?
  3. Prior to re-unification what was the capital if West Germany?
  4. In which city were the war trials held after the Second World War?
  5. What is the name of the German Stock Market?
  6. In which year did re-unification take place?
  7. After Berlin which German city has the largest population?
  8. Who has been the German chancellor since 2005?
  9. Which German footballer was known as "Der Kaiser"?
  10. What was the name of the club in Hamburg where The Beatles learnt their trade?
  11. Prior to the adoption of the Euro in 2002, what was the currency of Germany?
  12. Which is believed to be the oldest city in Germany?
  13. Of which state is Hanover the capital?
  14. Who is the only German to captain a Ryder Cup team?
  15. Which city is host to the annual Oktoberfest?
  16. How many countries share a land border with Germany?
  17. How many states make up the Federal republic of Germany?
  18. What are Germany's motorways called?
  19. What is the longest river in Germany?
  20. Which zoo is the largest in the world?
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