Around Canada 1

Published: Sunday 9th August 2015
  1. How many oceans border Canada?
  2. How many times have the USA tried to invade Canada?
  3. In which city is the Royal Canadian Mint located?
  4. What is Canada's national animal?
  5. In which field of the arts are Canada's Juno Awards presented?
  6. How many points are there on the Canadian flag's maple leaf?
  7. Which bridge carries the Trans-Canada highway from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island?
  8. Which is the highest mountain in Canada?
  9. On which side of the road do they drive in Canada?
  10. For which discovery was Frederick Banting jointly awarded the 1923 Nobel Prize in Medicine?
  11. Which classic board game was invented by Canadians Scott Abbot & Chris Haney?
  12. Which is the largest province in Canada by area?
  13. Who was Canada's Prime Minister during World War II?
  14. Which was the last area of Canada to be made province in 1949?
  15. Of which Canadian province is Calgary the largest city?
  16. What is the motto of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
  17. Located in Alberta, which is the oldest National Park in Canada?
  18. Which is the only professional baseball team in Canada?
  19. In which Canadian province would you find the most Easterly point of North America?
  20. Which Canadian singer/songwriter wrote the words to "My Way"?
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