Around Canada 2

Published: Friday 2nd September 2016
  1. Which is the only official bi-lingual province of Canada?
  2. What does the word Canada mean in native Iroquois?
  3. Winnipeg is the capital of which of Canada's provinces?
  4. Who is the patron saint of Canada?
  5. Which Canadian singer/song writer topped both the UK and US album charts in 1972 with "Harvest"?
  6. What is the official motto of Canada?
  7. Of which Canadian province is the Blue Jay the official bird?
  8. Located in Canada, which is the longest highway in the World?
  9. What currency in used in Canada?
  10. Which is the largest island in Canada?
  11. In which city is the oldest golf club in North America?
  12. What is the Canada's largest province by population?
  13. Which company, based in Canada is the World's oldest chartered trading company?
  14. Made from French fries and cheese curd topped with gravy, what is the name of this popular Canadian dish?
  15. What is the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia?
  16. What is the nickname of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
  17. What is the capital of Alberta?
  18. Which two sports are recognised as Canada's National Sports?
  19. Which country tried to invade Canada in 1812?
  20. On which Canadian coin does the National animal feature on the reverse?
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