Around Denmark 2

Published: Saturday 17th October 2020A free quiz about the people and places of Denmark.
  1. Which two colour make up the flag of Denmark?
  2. Who in 2011 became Denmark 's first female Prime Minister?
  3. Which Danish pop group had a worldwide hit with "Barbie Girl"?
  4. What is the literal English translation of Copenhagen?
  5. Who, as at 2020, is the current monarch of Denmark?
  6. The Oresund bridge connects Denmark to which other country?
  7. What is the currency used in Denmark?
  8. With its HQ in Copenhagen, which Danish company is the largest container ship operator in the World?
  9. What is the name of the amusement park located in the centre of Copenhagen?
  10. Which Danish physicist won the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his work on atomic particles?
  11. In which Danish city would you find Hamlet 's castle?
  12. Which wireless technology takes its name from a 10th century Danish King?
  13. What are Danish Pastries called in Denmark?
  14. Which peninsular makes up most of Denmark?
  15. On which island was Daish author Hans Christian Andersen born?
  16. Which Danish footballer made 292 appearances for Manchester United and with 129 is Denmark 's most capped footballer?
  17. How many letters are there in the Danish alphabet?
  18. Which Danish restaurant was voted the World 's Best in 2010, 2011,2012 and 2014 by Restaurant magazine?
  19. One of Denmark 's busiest tourist spots, what is the country 's most northerly city?
  20. Born in Denmark in 1963, for which heavy metal band does Lars Ulrich play drums?
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