Around Italy 2

Published: Monday 19th July 2021A free quiz about the people and places of Italy.
  1. Which river flows through the city of Florence?
  2. Which Italian city is credited with the invention of pizza?
  3. The largest two islands in the Mediterranean are part of Italy, what are they named?
  4. What is the national flower of Italy?
  5. Which Italian city is home to a famous "leaning" tower?
  6. Which Italian city is known as "The Queen of the Adriatic"?
  7. Located in Italy, which is the only active volcano on the European mainland?
  8. In which year did Italy cease to be a Kingdom?
  9. Held twice each year what is the Palio di Siena?
  10. Until the 19th Century which was the only bridge to cross Venice's Grand Canal?
  11. A popular holiday destination, what is the largest lake in Italy?
  12. As at 2020, how many times have Italy won the FIFA World Cup?
  13. What is the largest city on the Island of Sicily?
  14. Which Italian city provides the setting for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"?
  15. Of which Italian region is Milan the capital?
  16. Which city is home to the headquarters of the FIAT car company?
  17. Which Italian city is known as the Eternal City?
  18. Which Tuscan wine was traditionally contained in a bottle enclosed in a straw basket called a fiasco?
  19. Italy shares the honour of having the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites with which other country?
  20. Which Italian city is home to the oldest university in the world?
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