Around Italy - 3

Published: Tuesday 13th June 2023A free quiz about the people and places of Italy.
  1. What is the name of the longest river in Italy?
  2. In Italy what is RAI?
  3. The milk of which animal is traditionally used to make the Italian cheese Mozzarella?
  4. In which Italian city was the 1969 movie "The Italian Job" set?
  5. Excluding land-locked states, which four countries share a land border with Italy?
  6. Located on the border with France, what is the highest mountain in Italy?
  7. Which Italian port is the most easterly city in Italy?
  8. Which is the only Italian region that has no motorways (Autostrada)?
  9. How many hills is the Italian city of Rome said to be built on?
  10. What is the capital city of Italy?
  11. What name is given to the flat bottom boats used on the canals in Venice?
  12. The Italian port of Genoa sits on which sea?
  13. In which year was the single state of the Kingdom of Italy formed?
  14. Which Italian city is home to the largest gothic cathedral in the World?
  15. Which Italian city is served by Galileo Galilei Airport?
  16. Which lake is often referred to as "The Jewel of the Italian Lakes"?
  17. Which is the capital and most populated city in Tuscany?
  18. Which Italian car maker has models called Testarossa and Scuderia?
  19. Turin is home to Italy's most successful football club, what is it called?
  20. In which year did Rome host the Summer Olympics?
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