Around South America 2

Published: Tuesday 14th April 2015
  1. In which South American country is the Atacama desert?
  2. The geographic region of Patagonia is situated between which two South American countries ?
  3. Which South American city has the biggest population?
  4. Which South American country is the greatest producer of quality emeralds in the world?
  5. Which South American lake is the highest navigable lake in the world?
  6. The Galapagos Islands are part of which South American country?
  7. From which country did Suriname gain its independence in 1975?
  8. In which country is the source of the River Amazon?
  9. The Valdes Peninsula at 131feet below sea level is the lowest place in South America, in which country is it?
  10. What is the capital of Uruguay?
  11. In which country is the sugar growing region of Demerara?
  12. The state of "Christ the Redeemer" overlooks which South American city?
  13. In which country is the extinct volcano, Aconcagua?
  14. What is Ecuador's largest seaport?
  15. Brazil has the highest population of all the South American countries, but which country has the second highest ?
  16. Which South American city was designed by Oscar Niemeyer?
  17. Ecuador has a border with Colombia and which other country?
  18. In which South American city would you find the Copacabana Beach?
  19. In which South American country is the volcano Mount Cotopaxi?
  20. Cape Horn is in which South American country?
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