Around Spain 2

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2021A free quiz about the people and places of Spain.
  1. What colours are the three stripes on the Spanish flag?
  2. Which group of Spanish islands include Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuerteventura?
  3. Which range of mountains separate Spain from France?
  4. In which Madrid museum would you find Picasso's famous painting "Guernica"?
  5. Which Spanish city is home to the Prado Museum?
  6. For which alcoholic drink is the city of Jerez famous?
  7. Which Spanish city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic games?
  8. The oldest pilgrimage route in Europe, St James' Way, ends at which famous church?
  9. In which year was the monarchy restored in Spain?
  10. Which is the largest of the Balearic Islands?
  11. Which Spanish football stadium has the largest capacity in Europe?
  12. Which cape is the westernmost point of mainland Spain?
  13. What is the highest point of mainland Spain?
  14. Which spice derived from the flower of a crocus is a key ingredient in the Spanish dish Paella?
  15. The Spanish city of Valencia stands on the banks of which river?
  16. Which famous singer once played in goal for Real Madrid's reserve team?
  17. Which Spanish author is often credited as writing the first modern novel?
  18. On how many occasions have Spain won the Eurovision Song Contest?
  19. Which Spanish football club plays its home matches at the Bernabeu Stadium?
  20. What name did the Romans give to Spain?
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