Around Spain -3

Published: Friday 1st July 2022A free quiz about all aspects of life in Spain.
  1. Full of shops, cafes and tourists kiosks, what is the name of the street that runs from the port to the centre of Barcelona?
  2. On which river does the Spanish capital of Madrid stand?
  3. Which Spanish golfer defeated Justin Rose in a play-off to become the 2017 US Masters champion?
  4. Which Spanish royal couple sponsored Christopher Columbus on his voyages to the New World?
  5. What are the names of Spain's two enclaves in North Africa?
  6. Which Spanish city is home to the Prado Museum?
  7. Where is Spain would you find the only desert in Europe?
  8. In which century was the Spanish Inquisition established?
  9. Which Spanish football manager lead Manchester City to the Premier League title in 2017/18, 2018/19 & 2021/22?
  10. The milk from which animal is used to produce the Spanish cheese, Manchego?
  11. Located in the Spanish capital of Madrid, what is the official residence of the King of Spain?
  12. Which food is thrown in the annual festival in the town of Bunol?
  13. What is the name of the peninsula that Spain shares with Portugal?
  14. In which region of Spain was artist Salvador Dali born?
  15. When did Spain join the European Union?
  16. Which country borders mainland Spain to the west?
  17. In which of the Spanish "Costas" would you find the holiday resort of Torremolinos?
  18. Which of the Balearic Islands is famed as an International party destination?
  19. What type of pastry is used to make the Spanish snack of Churros?
  20. Who was the President of Spain from 1938 to 1973?
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