Around Spain 4

Published: Wednesday 28th February 2024A free quiz about the people and places of Spain.
  1. Which two La Liga football clubs are based in Madrid?
  2. Which famous Spanish golfer was a three times Open Championship winner in addition to winning the US Masters twice?
  3. Which Spanish artist painted "Guernica" in 1937?
  4. Which is Spain's second largest city?
  5. Which African country does the Spanish enclave of Ceuta border?
  6. In which year did the Spanish Civil War officially end?
  7. From what does the Spanish dish of Paella get its name?
  8. Which Spanish city is known as 'The City of three cultures" ?
  9. Which Spanish city is the capital of the Andalusia region?
  10. As at 2024 who is the monarch of Spain?
  11. Singer Julio Iglesias was born in which Spanish city?
  12. In which part of Style known Spain did the musical style known as Flamenco first develop?
  13. In which Spanish city is the Alhambra palace?
  14. In which Spanish "Costa" is the city of Malaga situated?
  15. In which mountain range is the highest point of the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacen located?
  16. Who in 2008 became the first Spanish actress to win an Academy Award?
  17. What style of painting was the Spanish artist Salvador Dali most famous for?
  18. Which North African people ruled Spain from 711 to 1492?
  19. Which group of Spanish islands include Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza?
  20. What is the longest river entirely within Spain?
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