Around the World 1

Published: Sunday 17th March 2019A free quiz about the people and places round the World.
  1. Which African country is occupied almost entirely by the Kalahari Desert?
  2. Of which Asian country is Naypyidaw the administrative capital?
  3. What is the main language spoken in Chile?
  4. Alphabetically which of the English cities comes last?
  5. Which two of the Great Lakes are joined by the Welland Canal?
  6. Which religion holds the River Ganges sacred?
  7. Which Italian city is famed for both its cheese and ham?
  8. Which is the highest mountain in Australia?
  9. In which part of Canada did a gold rush take place in 1896?
  10. The Galapagos Islands are part of which nation?
  11. Of which African country is Freetown the capital?
  12. Which is the largest island in the Caribbean?
  13. Which village in Bavaria performs a passion play every ten years?
  14. Which US State has the country's second longest coastline after Alaska?
  15. Which two countries are linked by the Oresund Bridge?
  16. Which country contains over 50% of the World's lakes?
  17. Which is the World's largest land-locked country?
  18. Which animal appears on the State flag of California?
  19. Which Australian state borders each of the other mainland states?
  20. Of which Asian country is the Taka used as currency?
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