Around the World - 2

Published: Monday 22nd July 2019A free quiz about the people and places round the World.
  1. What is the capital of Cuba?
  2. Where in the British Isles would you find the Dingle Peninsular?
  3. The Mason-Dixon Line forms part of the border of which four US States?
  4. In which Ocean are the Maldives to be found?
  5. In which US State is North America's highest mountain to be found?
  6. Where would you find the Barbary Coast?
  7. Which Russian city was previously known as Stalingrad?
  8. In which English county is the Royal Forest of Dean?
  9. Which stretch of water separates Taiwan from the Philippines?
  10. Which is the second largest city in Bangladesh by population?
  11. What is the second highest mountain in Africa?
  12. Which canal connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea?
  13. In terms of area, which is the largest of New Zealand's islands?
  14. From which country did the USA purchase the American Virgin Islands in 1916?
  15. Which is the most populated city in Brazil?
  16. By what name do the French know the English Channel?
  17. Helena is the capital of which US State?
  18. Which is the largest city in the World that is located below sea level?
  19. What is the official currency of Indonesia?
  20. In which African country would you find the Skeleton Coast?
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