Around the World 3

Published: Friday 22nd May 2020A free quiz about the people and places round the World.
  1. What is the State Capital of Maine?
  2. What is the capital and largest city in Indonesia?
  3. The island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean contains which two countries?
  4. In which country would you find the Dardanelles, scene of a famous WW1 battle?
  5. What is the Northernmost capital city in Australia?
  6. With a total length of 10.7 miles, which is the longest bridge in Europe?
  7. Where would you find the Thar Desert?
  8. Which stretch of water separates Alaska from Russia?
  9. Which is the most Easterly town in England?
  10. Which is the largest of the islands of Japan?
  11. Off which Australian State is Kangaroo Island located?
  12. Which mountain range separates France from Spain?
  13. Into which body of water does Canada's longest river, the Mackenzie, flow?
  14. Which mountain range extends for some 2500 kms across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia?
  15. Which three countries share a land border with Mexico?
  16. In which part of Canada did a gold rush take place in 1896?
  17. What is the official currency of Myanmar?
  18. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
  19. El Alamein, the scene of a famous WW2 battle is located in which modern day country?
  20. Previously known as Mount McKinley, what is the tallest mountain in North America?
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