Around the World - 5

Published: Thursday 21st September 2023A free quiz about the geography of the World
  1. What is the official language of Uruguay?
  2. German car manufacturer Volkswagen are based in which city?
  3. The River Jordan flows into which body of water?
  4. What is the official currency of South Africa?
  5. Juneau is the capital of which state of the USA?
  6. Heart of Midlothian Football Club (Hearts) are based in which Scottish city?
  7. The Joshua Tree National Park is in which American state?
  8. Of the traditional Seven Wonders of the ancient world, which is the only one that is still standing?
  9. The Atacama Desert is on which continent?
  10. Which is the most northerly of the Channel Islands?
  11. In which country was the original Legoland theme park opened in 1968?
  12. The Klondike Gold Rush took place in which country?
  13. Manchego cheese originated in which country?
  14. Which stretch of water separates Dumfries and Galloway from Cumbria?
  15. In which Italian city would you find the Doge's Palace?
  16. In a list of US States, which would appear last alphabetically?
  17. The Headquarters of the Hyundai Motor Company are in which country?
  18. Accra is the capital and largest city of which country of West Africa?
  19. DXB is the international code for which airport?
  20. In which range of hills are the 'Cheddar Caves'?
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