Canada - 5

Published: Friday 31st January 2020A free geography quiz about the people and places of Canada.
  1. Which Canadian city hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics?
  2. What shape are car licence plates issued in Canada's North West Territories?
  3. Which mountain range forms the Western border of Alberta?
  4. Whose face is on the Canadian Twenty Dollar bill?
  5. What was the capital of Canada from 1841 to 1844?
  6. As at 2014 which are the only two countries to have larger proven oil reserves than Canada?
  7. By what name was Toronto known by until 1834?
  8. Which is the longest river in Canada?
  9. In which year did the first three colonies form the Dominion of Canada?
  10. Which river links Quebec to the Atlantic Ocean?
  11. Who was elected Prime Minister of Canada in February 2006?
  12. Which Canadian city is famous for its annual "Stampede"?
  13. Who in 1867 became the first Prime Minister of Canada?
  14. What was the name of the explorer who first reached Canada in 1497?
  15. Which is the smallest of Canada's provinces by both size and population?
  16. Which canal connects the Great Lakes of Ontario and Erie?
  17. What sport was invented by Canadian James Naismith?
  18. Which is the largest in area yet smallest in population of Canada's territories?
  19. On which day is Canada Day celebrated?
  20. In which province is Canada's oldest university?
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