Flags of the World 2

Published: Thursday 2nd July 2015
  1. What animal can be seen holding a sword on the flag of Sri Lanka?
  2. What colour is the centre stripe on the Belgium flag?
  3. The flag of which country features a maple leaf?
  4. What do the two blue bands on the flag of El Salvador represent?
  5. What name is given to the symbol at the centre of the South Korean flag?
  6. How many horizontal stripes feature on the Malaysian flag?
  7. Which country's flag is in the shape of two overlapping right-angle triangles?
  8. What type of bird is shown on the Ugandan flag?
  9. How many stars are there on the Syrian flag?
  10. Which country's flag is also known as the Saltire?
  11. How many nations have square flags?
  12. What three colours make up both the flags of Ireland and the Ivory Coast?
  13. What tribal symbol is at the centre of the Kenyan flag?
  14. What colour is the cross on the flag of Finland?
  15. How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag?
  16. What two animals are featured on the Mexican flag?
  17. Which country's flag features a cedar tree?
  18. The flag of which nation consists of a large red disc in the centre of a white background?
  19. What weapon would you find on the flag of Mozambique?
  20. Which three colours feature on the flag of Hungary?
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