Florida 2

Published: Sunday 21st February 2016
  1. Which Caribbean island did the British swop for Florida in 1763?
  2. Which city in Florida is nicknamed "The Sunshine City"?
  3. Which is the largest city by population in Florida?
  4. How many National Parks are there in Florida?
  5. Which is the biggest lake in Florida?
  6. Which Academy Award winning actress was born in Bascom, Florida in 1941?
  7. Which THREE US States are larger in population than Florida?
  8. Which is the longest bridge connecting islands in the Florida Keys?
  9. According to the lyrics of which song did "Holly came from Miami, FLA?
  10. As at January 2014 how many teams from Florida compete in the NBA?
  11. In which year did Florida gain full statehood and become the 27th State of the USA?
  12. After what celebrations was Florida named?
  13. Which famous movie boat can be found moored in the Florida Keys?
  14. Which drink was first developed for the athletic teams of the University of Florida?
  15. Which part of the Florida Keys is known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World?
  16. With a length of 273 miles which is the longest river in Florida?
  17. Between 1763 and 1824 which TWO Cities were capitals of Florida?
  18. Born Tramar Dillard in Carol City Florida in 1979, by what patriotic name does this singer/rapper perform under?
  19. Which FOUR theme parks make up the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida?
  20. Which Florida City has the nickname "Space City USA"?
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