Germany 2

Published: Saturday 18th June 2016
  1. In which German city is an annual festival held to celebrate the music of Richard Wagner?
  2. Which German city houses the European Central Bank?
  3. On which river does the city of Hamburg stand?
  4. What is the capital of Bavaria?
  5. What is the most northerly State of Germany?
  6. Which is the smallest German state?
  7. Which major European river rises in the Black Forest prior to flowing into the Black Sea?
  8. By what name is the head of the German government known?
  9. How many times has Germany won football’s World Cup?
  10. What is the highest mountain in Germany?
  11. By area which is the largest of Germany’s states?
  12. What is the German parliament known as?
  13. Which state of Germany has the largest population?
  14. In which ancient German city was Karl Marx born?
  15. Which 1963 British comedy film is essential viewing on a German New Year’s Eve?
  16. Which German racing driver holds the record for the most Formula One Championships ?
  17. Who as at 2014 is the President of Germany?
  18. What is celebrated on October 3rd with a public holiday?
  19. Which TWO seas provide the coastline to Germany?
  20. The oldest university in Germany is situated in which town?
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