Ireland and the Irish 2 - Answers

Published: Tuesday 8th March 2022A free quiz about the people and places of Ireland, perfect for that St Patrick's Day quiz.
  1. Which river flows through the centre of Dublin? River Liffey.
  2. Which African country share St Patrick as its Patron Saint? Nigeria.
  3. What was the Roman name for Ireland? Hibernia.
  4. What is the principal ingredient of the Irish dish Boxty? Potato (Irish potato cake).
  5. The ashes of which Saint can be found in Dublin's Whitefriar Street church? St Valentine.
  6. What do the initial GAA stand for in Irish sport? Gaelic Athletic Association.
  7. Who directed the 2019 Academy Award nominated movie "The Irishman"? Martin Scorsese.
  8. What is the national symbol of Ireland? Harp.
  9. Which is the oldest university in Ireland? Trinity College Dublin.
  10. Which member of Girls Aloud was born in Ireland? Nadine Coyle.
  11. How many counties make up the island of Ireland? 32 (26 in the Republic and 6 in Northern Ireland).
  12. In which year was St Patrick's Day made a national bank holiday? 1903
  13. The longest river in Ireland, the Shannon, rises in which county? County Cavan.
  14. Which Irish choreographer created the dance show "Riverdance"? Michael Flatley.
  15. What is Northern Ireland's only UNESCO World Heritage site? Giant's Causeway.
  16. How many times is Irish Whiskey distilled? Three.
  17. Who was the last High King of Ireland? Roderic O'Connor.
  18. As at 2022, how many times have Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest? Seven.
  19. Which member of The Corrs was born on St Patricks Day in 1973? Caroline Corr.
  20. Which animal is crowned King at the annual Killorglin Puck Fair? Goat.

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