Multiple Choice Geography 1

Published: Tuesday 4th June 2024A free multiple choice geography quiz.
  1. Which of the following motorways do NOT pass through Hertfordshire, [a] M25, [b] M1, [c] M40 or [d] A1(M)?
  2. In which US State would you find The Shenandoah National Park, [a] Tennessee, [b] Kentucky, [c] Maryland or [d] Virginia?
  3. In which city is the European Court of Human Rights based, [a] Strasbourg, [b] Maastricht, [c] Brussels or [d] The Hague?
  4. Liverpool airport has been named after which of The Beatles, [a] John Lennon, [b] Paul McCartney, [c] George Harrison or [d] Ringo Starr?
  5. Which of these colours do NOT appear on the flag of Bolivia, [a] Red, [b] Yellow, [c] Green or [d] Blue?
  6. In which English county is the ancient site of Stonehenge, [a] Dorset, [b] Wiltshire, [c] Hampshire or [d] Devon?
  7. Which of the following is NOT one of America's Great Lakes, [a] Huron, [b] Erie, [c] Quebec or [d] Ontario?
  8. On which river does the North Eastern city of Sunderland stand, [a] Tyne, [b] Tees, [c] Humber or [d] Wear?
  9. In which city would you find the headquarters of OPEC, [a] Baghdad, [b] Paris, [c] Vienna or [d] Dubai?
  10. Which of these South American countries are landlocked, [a] Peru, [b] Chile, [c] Bolivia or [d] Uruguay?
  11. How many Emirates make up the United Arab Emirates, [a] Nine, [b] Seven, [c] Twelve or [d] Five?
  12. Which of the Ivy League Universities is located in Connecticut, [a] Yale, [b] Harvard, [c] Princeton or [d] Cornell?
  13. How many time zones are there in Russia, [a] Eleven, [b] Nine, [c] Seven or [d] One?
  14. In which city would you find the Norwegian Crown Jewels displayed, [a] Oslo, [b] Trondheim, [c] Bergen or [d] Stavanger?
  15. In which English city did the first Boots the chemists open, [a] Manchester, [b] Birmingham, [c] London or [d] Nottingham?
  16. Which is the most southerly of the islands in the West Indies, [a] Trinidad, [b] Montserrat, [c] Grenada or [d] Jamaica?
  17. Which is the only New York borough that is not primarily located on an island, [a] Brooklyn, [b] Queens, [c] The Bronx or [d] Manhattan?
  18. In which English county is the Silverstone motor racing circuit, [a] Kent, [b] Northamptonshire, [c] Warwickshire or [d] Bedfordshire?
  19. Which South Pacific island group was previously known as the Friendly Islands, [a] Tonga, [b] Tuvalu, [c] Vanuatu or [d] Samoa?
  20. Which is England's largest National Park by area, [a] Dartmoor, [b] Lake District, [c] Peak District or [d] North Yorkshire Moors?
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