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Published: Friday 20th March 2020A free quiz about the people and places of New Zealand
  1. Which is the largest city on New Zealand's North Island?
  2. What stretch of water separates Australia from New Zealand?
  3. Which large bird of the parrot family is native to New Zealand?
  4. Who in 1997 became the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand?
  5. Covering a total of 12,500 sq. kms., which is New Zealand's largest national park?
  6. Which the larger of New Zealand's two main islands?
  7. On what date each year is Anzac Day commemorated?
  8. On which island is New Zealand's largest wine region,Marlborough, located?
  9. Which New Zealand region shares it's name with a city in Kent?
  10. Which city was the capital of New Zealand immediately prior to Wellington?
  11. Located in New Zealand's Fiordland, what is the deepest lake in New Zealand?
  12. What makes the city of Rotorua a major tourist attraction?
  13. Which New Zealand born singer had a UK number one in 2001 with " Gotta Get Thru This"?
  14. How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag?
  15. What name was given by Cook to the Bay known by the Moari as "Te Moana-a-Toi"?
  16. What is celebrated every February 6th each year in New Zealand?
  17. Which symbol of New Zealand is also known as Punga or Ponga?
  18. Which New Zealand born physicist was known as the father of nuclear physics?
  19. Which group was founded by New Zealand guitarist Neil Finn?
  20. In which New Zealand city would you find Eden Park a venue for both cricket and rugby?
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