New Zealand 5

Published: Saturday 18th July 2020A free quiz about the people and places of New Zealand
  1. What is the highest mountain in New Zealand?
  2. What is the name of the mountain range on the South Island of New Zealand?
  3. Which New Zealand city hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1990?
  4. By what nickname are the New Zealand basketball side known?
  5. With a tenure from April 1893 to June 1906 who is New Zealand's longest serving Prime Minister?
  6. How many national parks are there in New Zealand?
  7. In scoring 299 runs against Sri Lanka in 1991 which New Zealander broke the country's highest scoring record?
  8. Located 19miles south of South Island, what is the name of New Zealand's third largest island?
  9. Which New Zealand city has the nickname "City of Sails"?
  10. Against which side do New Zealand compete for the Bledisloe Cup?
  11. Which female opera star was born in New Zealand in 1944?
  12. For which movie did New Zealander Anna Paquin win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1994?
  13. "The Ditch" is a New Zealand nickname for which stretch of water?
  14. What is the stage name of New Zealand comedy duo Jemaine Clement and Bret MacKenzie?
  15. Which New Zealand speedway star was World Champion on four occasions?
  16. Which city stands on the River Avon in New Zealand's South Island?
  17. What type of animal is the New Zealand Kakapo?
  18. Which nations were party to the ANZUS treaty in 1951?
  19. Which New Zealand born scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908?
  20. Which New Zealand born inventor and driver gave his name to cars that won the Formula One Constructors title on eight occasions?
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