Yorkshire Quiz 2

Published: Friday 8th May 2015
  1. With its charter dating back to 886, which Yorkshire city in the oldest in Britain?
  2. In which Yorkshire stately home was the TV series "Brideshead Revisited" filmed?
  3. What colour are the telephone boxes in Hull?
  4. What was the Viking name for the city of York?
  5. Which prison in North Yorkshire was opened in 1947 as Britain's first open prison for women?
  6. Near which Yorkshire town would you find Robin Hood airport?
  7. Which South Yorkshire educational institute was granted university status in 1992?
  8. What is the name of the Victorian model village near Bradford founded in 1853 by Sir Titus Salt that became a World Heritage site in 2001?
  9. Which Yorkshire town is known as "Toffee Town"?
  10. Which Yorkshire church is said to be the burial place of Robin Hood?
  11. In the novel by Bram Stoker, in which Yorkshire town was Dracula washed ashore?
  12. Which poet laureate wrote the poem "The Licorice Fields at Pontefract"?
  13. In which Yorkshire towns were the following actors born [a] James Mason, [b] Ian Carmichael, [c] Charles Laughton, [d] Sean Bean and [e]Diana Rigg?
  14. What device was invented by Halifax born Percy Shaw in 1934?
  15. What cheese is made in the Yorkshire town of Hawes?
  16. Which theatre in Bradford shares its name with a palace in Granada?
  17. Which Yorkshire city was referred to as Berneslai in the Doomsday Book?
  18. Which Hull born pilot became the first woman to fly solo from Great Britain to Australia?
  19. Which Indie group from Sheffield recorded the fastest selling debut album in the UK in 2006?
  20. What day of the year is celebrated as Yorkshire Day?
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