Quiz Number 7

Published: Monday 15th February 2010
  1. On which British island would you find Beaumaris Castle?
  2. Which African countries were once known as (i) Abyssnia (ii) Bechuanaland (iii) Gold Coast (iv) Nyassaland (v) Portuguese East Africa?
  3. What was left in Pandora's Box after she had released misery and evil?
  4. On the Royal Standard, how many lions are there?
  5. What does the AA stand for in A A Milne?
  6. Which US state has borders with Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana?
  7. How many spots are there in total, on a standard set of dominoes?
  8. In the song "My Grandfather's Clock" where had it stood for 90 years and why?
  9. What do AM and FM stand for in relation to radio?
  10. Name the nine European countries that the River Danube flows through.
  11. Where in your body would you find the Mandible?
  12. Which films do the following quotes come from: (a) "I'll be back" (b) "There's no place like home" (c) "I'm the King of the World" (d) "Show me the money" (e) "You talkin' to me"
  13. Which is the longest book in the bible?
  14. Which is the shortest book in the bible?
  15. What instruments are the following famous for playing: (i) Stephane Grapelli (ii) James Galway (iii) Jeff Beck (iv) Jacqueline Du Pre (v) Liberace
  16. Which is the place in the UK with an exclamation mark in its name?
  17. What is the difference between a tendon and a ligament?
  18. What countries have the following International car registrations: (i) B (ii) K (iii) D (iv) H (v) M
  19. Cliff Richard represented the UK at the Eurovision song contest on two occasions. Can you name the years and the songs?
  20. How many points are gained for a try at Rugby (Union and League)?
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