Quiz Number 8

Published: Saturday 27th February 2010
  1. What was the last film made by Clark Gable?
  2. What organisations have the following mottoes, (i) 'Blood and Fire' (ii) 'Who Dares Wins' (iii) 'Faster,Higher,Stronger' (iv) 'Nation Shall Speak Unto Nation' (v) 'Fidelity,Bravery Integrity'?
  3. Who worships in "Kingdom Halls"?
  4. Britain's first telephone exchange was located in which city?
  5. Name the three US states that begin with the letter 'C'.
  6. What is the total of the numbers on a clock face?
  7. What are the names of the four houses at Hogwart's School?
  8. What colour are the helmets worn by UN troops?
  9. What North American Indian tribe did Geronimo belong?
  10. From which TV shows do the following catch phrases come from: (i) 'They don't like it up them' (ii) 'Are you free?' (iii) 'I didn't get where I am today' (iv) 'I will say this once and once only' (v) 'You dirty old man'
  11. What are the young of squirrels called?
  12. What is the one place in the UK that The Queen cannot visit
  13. What does vodka mean in Russia?
  14. What songs with Devil in the title did the following artists have: (i) Suzi Quatro (1974) (ii) Kylie Minogue (1990) (iii) Elvis Presley (1963) (iv) Marty Robbins (1962) (v) Atomic Rooster (1971)
  15. How many events are there in an heptathlon?
  16. The Bay of Plenty is on the coast of which country?
  17. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
  18. Who designed the cover for The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" album?
  19. How many stars are on the following flags: (i) Australia (ii) Panama (iii) New Zealand (iv) United States (v) Honduras
  20. What is the most common street name in the UK?
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