Quiz Number 9

Published: Wednesday 17th March 2010
  1. Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
  2. What type of work did Ernest Hemingway do during World War One?
  3. Which act opened the Woodstock festival in 1969?
  4. Who composed the music to "Twinkle,Twinkle, Little Star"?
  5. What is the longest river in Italy?
  6. What size paper is half an A4 sheet?
  7. What two countries in South America are 'Land-locked'?
  8. What are the following 'ologies', the study of? (i) Agrostology (ii) Batology (iii) Carpology (iv) Deltiology (v) Exobiology
  9. What did the BBC's Home Service become in 1967?
  10. In Britain we call it a tram, what is known as in the USA?
  11. Who is the patron saint of the following professions: (i) Accountants (ii) Carpenters (iii) Farmers (iv) Doctors (v) Ship Builders
  12. What kind of animal is a 'Flemish Giant'?
  13. What does WAP stand for in the world of telecommunications?
  14. With which sport do you associate the following teams: (i) Washington Wizards (ii) Philadelphia Flyers (iii) Atlanta Braves (iv) Houston Dynamo (v) Arizona Cardinals
  15. What was John Lennon's middle name?
  16. Name the songs with HORSE in the title associated with the following artists: (i)The Osmonds (1972) (ii) America (1972) (iii) Thrills (2003) (iv) Goldfrapp (2006) (v) Susan Boyle (2009)
  17. Grand Mal' and 'Petit Mal' are forms of which medical disorder?
  18. What was the villain played by Christopher Walken in the Bond film, "A View To A Kill"?
  19. What is a 'Doppelganger'?
  20. What were the destinations of the SEVEN Road films made by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby?
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