Quiz Number 10

Published: Sunday 4th April 2010
  1. On which course is the US Masters played on each year?
  2. What was the theme music to the 60's TV series "The Lone Ranger"?
  3. What occupations would holders of the following qualifications have: (i) BDS (ii) MRCP (iii) MRIBA (iv) LLB (v) ACCA
  4. What was founded by "The Rochdale Pioneers"?
  5. MG was a famous marque of British cars, what did MG stand for?
  6. What was the real name of Blackbeard the Pirate?
  7. Which country is the World's largest producer of milk?
  8. Name the number 1 songs from these artists with RED in the title: (i) Guy Mitchell (1953) (ii) Rolling Stones (1964) (iii) UB40 (1983) (iv) Nena (1984) (v) Chris De Burgh (1986)?
  9. With which partner did John Mcenroe win Wimbledon Men's Double titles in 1979, 1981, 1983 and 1984?
  10. Who wrote "Cider With Rosie"?
  11. Name the FOUR Bronte siblings who each became novelists.
  12. Name the island that Napoleon was (i)Born on, (ii) Exiled to in 1814 and (iii) Died on.
  13. Who composed "The New World" symphony?
  14. What are the names of the "Great Lakes"?
  15. What role in TV's "Happy Days" was played by film director Ron Howard?
  16. Prior to the adoption of the Euro, what was the currency of Greece?
  17. In which decade were post codes introduced into the UK?
  18. Where in the human body would you find the following bones (i) Clavicle (ii) Scapula, (iii) Patella (iv) Manubrium and (v) Talus
  19. What is another name for "Lent Lilies"?
  20. From which fruit was the sweet red cocktail ingredient GRENADINE, originally made?
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