Quiz Number 13 - Answers

Published: Thursday 27th May 2010
  1. Where in the human body would you find your UVULA? At the back of your mouth [it's the dangling bit!].
  2. Which of the planets in our solar system are not named after an ancient God? Just planet Earth.
  3. What in Japan is known as the "SHINKANSEN"? The Bullet Train.
  4. What do the following abbreviations stand for (i) BC, (ii) BBC, (iii) BBBC, (iv) BCC and (v) CB? (i) Before Christ [or British Columbia], (ii) British Broadcasting Corporation, (iii) British Boxing Board of Control, (iv) Blind Carbon Copy and (v) Citizen's Band.
  5. Which of the Great Lakes is the only one entirely within the USA? Lake Michigan.
  6. How often is golf's Ryder Cup contested? Biennially [every other year].
  7. If you studied "POGONOLOGY" with what would you be interested? Beards.
  8. If your luggage tags had the following codes to which airport would you be flying, (i) CDG, (ii) LHR, (iii) ORD, (iv) SYD and (v) NRT? (i) Paris [Charles de Gaulle], (ii) London Heathrow, (iii) Chicago [O'Hare], (iv) Sydney [Kingsford Smith] and (v) Tokyo [Narita].
  9. Art Garfunkel had two UK number ones in the 1970s, both songs referring to "eyes", what were their titles? They were "I Only Have Eyes For You" [1975] and "Bright Eyes" [1979].
  10. What is the Statue of Liberty made from? An iron frame covered in copper sheeting.
  11. In which decade were starting stalls first introduced into British horse racing? The 1960s [1965].
  12. Which signs of the zodiac are referred to as WATER signs? Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
  13. What is the Religious Society of Friends more commonly known as? The Quakers.
  14. For what race is the Borg-Warner Trophy awarded? The Indianapolis 500.
  15. Name the top ten hits containing the word "BLACK" by the following artists, (i) Los Bravos [1966], (ii) My Chemical Romance [2006], (iii) Michael Jackson [1991], (iv) The Equals [1970] and (v) Guy Mitchell [1953]. (i)"Black is Black", (ii) "The Black Parade", (iii) "Black and White", (iv) "Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys" and (v) "Pretty Little Black Eyed Susie".
  16. What word is both a musical instrument and a quarter bottle of Champagne? Piccolo
  17. What James Bond film title is also a species of duck? Goldeneye.
  18. Name the SEVEN deadly sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.
  19. Which boy band took its name from a character in "Back to the Future"? McFly.
  20. How many of Henry VIII's wives had been married before? Two (Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Parr.)

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