Quiz Number 17

Published: Monday 2nd August 2010
  1. Which was the first country to introduce number plates on cars?
  2. At which battle did Nelson lose his arm?
  3. Name the songs with 'Sunshine' in the title that were hits for the following,[a] Herman's Hermits (No.8 1968), [b] Elkie Brookes (No.10 1977), [c] The Corrs (No.6 2004), [d] The Supremes (No.10 1972) and [e] Twista (No.3 2004)
  4. Who were the four comedians that made up The Goons?
  5. What is VEXILLOLOGY the study of?
  6. Who was the first left-hander to win the Men's singles at Wimbledon?
  7. What is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet?
  8. Where were the Summer Olympics held in the following years,[a] 1928,[b] 1952, [c] 1964, [d] 1980 and where will they be held in [e] 2016?
  9. What is the medical name for Chickenpox?
  10. In which city is Europe's largest opera house?
  11. Name the FOUR racecourses in the UK that begin with N E W?
  12. What is the state capital of the following US States? [a] Kansas, [b] Florida, [c] South Carolina, [d] New Jersey and [e] Washington
  13. What is the name of the dog in Enid Blyton's Famous Five books?
  14. What was Buddy Holly's real name?
  15. In which city would you find the following Museums/art galleries, [a] The Hermitage,[b] The Louvre, [c] The Uffizi Gallery, [d] The Rijksmuseum and [e] Te Papa Tangarewa
  16. Which seven countries share a land border with France?
  17. What is the name of Simba's Uncle in Disney's 'The Lion King'?
  18. In which wars were the following the last battle? [a] Palmito Ranch, [b] Worcester, [c] Bosworth Field, [d] Castillon and [e] Okinawa
  19. Who was the Roman God of the Sea?
  20. Who was credited with inventing the World Wide Web?
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