Quiz Number 18 - Answers

Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. Of what is TRICHOLOGY the study? Human hair.
  2. What does the 'e' in "eBay" stand for? Echo.
  3. If you were born on St. Andrew's Day what star-sign would you be? Sagittarius.
  4. Which pop stars had the following names before becoming famous [a] Reg Dwight, [b] George O'Dowd, [c] Paul Hewson, [d] Annie Mae Bullock and [e] Steveland Judkins? [a] Elton John, [b] Boy George, [c] Bono, [d] Tina Turner and [e] Stevie Wonder.
  5. What animal appears on the badge of Coventry City Football Club? Elephant.
  6. At the start of a game of scrabble what is the minimum number of letters a player must use to form a word? Two.
  7. In mythology who shot the arrow that hit Achilles in the heel? Paris.
  8. From which films do the following quotes come from, [a] "You're gonna need a bigger boat!", [b] "Love means never having to say you're sorry", [c] "I am your Father, Luke", [d] "Lunch is for wimps!" and [e] "Show me the money" [a] Jaws, [b] Love Story, [c] The Empire Strikes Back, [d] Wall Street and [e] Jerry Maguire.
  9. Which SIX countries were the founding members of the European Community? France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and West Germany.
  10. When Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon who was left in orbit? Michael Collins.
  11. Identify the following Irish counties from the cryptic clues, [a] Bottle Stopper, [b] Cunning, do not stop, [c] In a candle but not high, [d] A five lined rhyme and [e] Richard Chamberlain's doctor [a] Cork, [b]Sligo, [c]Wicklow. [d]Limerick and [e] Kildare.
  12. What type of fruit is a COSTARD? An Apple.
  13. What do Mark Thatcher, Elvis Presley and Henry Cooper have in common? They were all TWINS.
  14. What is the name for a full point in a Judo match? An IPPON.
  15. What songs with RIVER in the title were top five hits for the following [a] Johnny and The Hurricanes (1959), [b] Sidney Samson (2010), [c] Christie (1970), [d] Billy Joel (1993) and [e] Bobby Darin (1961) [a] Red River Rock, [b] Riverside(let's Go), [c] Yellow River, [d] The River of dreams and [e] Lazy River.
  16. Where in the UK would you land at St. Angelo Airport? Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.
  17. Which food has a name that derives from the Arabic for finger? Bananas.
  18. Where was the FIFA World Cup finals held in the following years, [a] 1950, [b] 1994, [c] 1970, [d] 2002 and [e] where will they be held in 2014 [a] Brazil, [b] USA [c] Mexico, [d] South Korea/Japan and [e] Brazil.
  19. In which year were tax discs introduced into the UK? 1921
  20. Who played the following characters in Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs", [a] Mr White, [b] Mr Pink, [c] Mr Orange and [d] Mr Brown. [a] Harvey Keitel, [b] Steve Buscemi, [c] Tim Roth and [d] Quentin Tarantino.


  1. arorion says:

    Hi. Answer to 4c is Paul Hewson.

  2. Padster says:

    As a quiz resource 4c still needs to be corrected as per above

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