Quiz Number 19

Published: Tuesday 26th October 2010
  1. Which organisation was founded by the Allied Powers at the end of WW1?
  2. From what is "TOFU" made?
  3. What songs with WHITE in the title were hits for the following, [a] Tommy Steele (1959) , [b] Jacky (1968), [c] Doves (2005), [d] Offspring (1999) and [e] Grandmaster & Melle Mel (1984)
  4. Which book of the Old Testament tells the story of Samson?
  5. What was the name of the character played by Timothy Spall in TV's "Auf Weideshen Pet"?
  6. In which field of art is Henry Moore best known?
  7. Which are the highest water falls in the World?
  8. In which British county would you find the following prisons, [a] Ford, [b] Dartmoor, [c] Full Sutton, [d] Gartree and [e] Long Lartin
  9. What does the word "SAHARA" mean in Arabic?
  10. From which animal would someone suffering from AILUROPHOBIA be afraid?
  11. Human hair and nails are both made from the same protein, what's its name?
  12. What are the birthstones for the following astrological signs, [a] Aquarius, [b] Pisces, [c] Capricorn, [d] Sagittarius and [e] Taurus
  13. In George Orwell's "Animal Farm", what type of animal was 'Napoleon'?
  14. Who wrote the music for "West Side Story"?
  15. What is a SAMPAN?
  16. From which countries are these Royal Houses, [a] House of Bourbon, [b] House of Hashemite, [c] House of Grimaldi, [d] House of Bernadotte and [e] House of Chakri
  17. What was the first name of Sergeant Wilson in TV's "Dad's Army"?
  18. Which FIVE states share a border with the US state of Georgia?
  19. In which year did The National Lottery commence in the UK?
  20. In which English city would you find De Montford University?
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