Quiz Number 22

Published: Friday 17th December 2010
  1. Which 2004 film features the super-powers of the Parr family?
  2. Who wrote the novel "Gulliver's Travels"?
  3. Which US President was assassinated at Washington station in 1881?
  4. What songs with "WINTER" in the title were UK top 20 hits for the following artists, [a] Bomb the Bass (1991), [b] David Essex (1982), [c] Englebert Humperdinck (1969), [d] Wizzard (1974) and [e] Queen (1995)?
  5. In which sea are the FARNE islands located?
  6. Which crop is affected by the "BOLL WEEVIL"?
  7. Which car manufacturer produces models known in the UK as ZAFIRA and INSIGNIA?
  8. In which County are the following UK race courses located, [a] Fontwell Park, [b] Lingfield Park, [c] Hamilton Park, [d] Haydock Park and [e] Ffos Las
  9. Which gas is produced by the HABER process?
  10. Which former pop-star became Mayor of Palm Springs in 1988?
  11. What would you fear if you suffered from the following phobias, [a] Acrophobia, [b] Hydrophobia, [c] Bathophobia, [d] Nyctophobia and [e] Ranidaphobia
  12. In which Japanese martial art are bamboo swords used?
  13. What does a MYCOLOGIST study?
  14. Which FOUR US states share a border with Kansas?
  15. Brass is an alloy of which two metals?
  16. Who first provided the voice for MICKEY MOUSE and what were his first words?
  17. Up until 2010 there have been THREE Welsh winners of the World Snooker Championship, can you name them?
  18. Lord Ganesha is an Hindu deity in human form but with which animal's head?
  19. Which flowers are the National Emblem of the following countries, [a] India, [b] Wales, [c] Ireland, [d] United States of America and [e] Iran
  20. From which novel do the TV shows "Big Brother" and "Room 101" get their names?
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