Quiz of the Year - 2010

Published: Tuesday 28th December 2010
  1. In January 2010 the tallest man-made structure was opened, where is it?
  2. In January 2010 the African Nations Cup took place, which Country's team bus was attacked forcing their withdrawal from the tournament and which Country eventually won it?
  3. February 2010 saw the Winter Olympics, where were they held and who was Great Britain's only gold medallist?
  4. Which two teams contested Super Bowl XLV in 2010 and who won?
  5. The annual 'Oscar' ceremony took place in March 2010, who won the Oscar the following categories, [a] Best Actor, [b] Best Actress, [c] Best Supporting Actor, [d] Best Supporting Actress and [e] Best Director
  6. The President of which country was killed in a plane crash on April of 2010?
  7. Many flights across Europe were disrupted in April 2010 by volcanic ash, in which country was the troublesome volcano?
  8. On April 20th 2010 an oil rig exploded causing one of the biggest oil spillages in history. What was the name of the rig and which Chief Executive was forced to resign as a result of his handling of the incident?
  9. In May 2010 which MPs were appointed to the following positions [a] Deputy Prime Minister [b] Secretary of State for Justice [c] Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills [d] Secretary of State for Education [e] Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  10. Who became "acting" leader of the Labour Party after Gordon Brown's resignation?
  11. In May 2010 a painting was sold for $106.5m, making a record for a painting sold at auction. What was the painting and who was the artist?
  12. Which band were originally supposed to headline the 2010 Glastonbury Festival and why were they unable to perform?
  13. Spain won the FIFA World Cup in July 2010 defeating Holland 1-0 in the final, but [a] which team went undefeated through the tournament, [b] which team scored the most goals and [c] who won the "Golden Boot" as the tournament's top scorer
  14. In July 2010, "Wiki-Leaks" began to publish e-mails and reports from the US government, who is the founder of this web site and from which country does he originate?
  15. October 2010 saw the rescue of 33 miners in Chile after a record 69 days below ground, what was the name of the pod used in their rescue?
  16. A British nuclear submarine ran aground in October 2010, what was its name and where did the incident occur?
  17. Susan Philpsz won the "Turner Prize" in 2010, what was unique about her prize-winning piece?
  18. Who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2010 and why was he not at the award ceremony?
  19. On the musical front for 2010,[a] What was the first UK number 1 single of the year, [b]The first number 1 album and [c] what was the winning nation of the Eurovision Song Contest
  20. Who were the winners in the following UK reality shows in 2010, [a] Britain's Got Talent, [b] I'm A Celebrity..., [c] Big Brother, [d] X-Factor and [e] Strictly Come Dancing
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