Quiz Number 25

Published: Tuesday 1st March 2011
  1. Who wrote the children's book "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"?
  2. In which city would you find the headquarters of UNESCO?
  3. Who wrote the music for "Onward Christian Soldiers"?
  4. On which UK motorway would you find the following service areas,. [a] Birchanger Green, [b] Leigh Delamere, [c] Hopwood Park, [d] Gordano and [e] Hilton Park
  5. For which film did Michael Caine receive a "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar in 1999?
  6. Which is the shortest of Shakespeare's plays?
  7. By what name is the Finnish language known?
  8. What songs containing the word "SISTER" in their title were UK Top 20 hits for the following acts, [a] Bros. (1989), [b] Elvis Presley (1961), [c] New World (1972), [d] Train (2010) and [e] Thompson Twins (1984)
  9. By what name is the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in London better known?
  10. What are the FOUR Horsemen of the Apocalypse said to represent?
  11. Who replaced Brian Jones as the guitarist in The Rolling Stones?
  12. In which films did the following Disney princesses first appear, [a] Tiana, [b] Belle, [c] Ariel, [d] Aurora and [e] Jasmine
  13. Which country is the leading producer of COPPER in the world?
  14. In which field of art is Henry Moore best known?
  15. Which sea separates Australia from Indonesia?
  16. Which US President died within a month of being sworn in?
  17. What is the correct form of address for a Roman Catholic Cardinal?
  18. Where in the UK would you find the Royal Mint?
  19. In which US State would you find the following, [a] Mount Rushmore, [b] National Baseball Hall of Fame, [c] The Gateway Arch, [d] Old Faithful Geyser and [e] The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
  20. Lady Isabella on the Isle of Man is the World's largest what?
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