Quiz Number 26

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2011
  1. Who wrote the 1961 novel "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"?
  2. Which country lies between Guyana and French Guiana?
  3. According to the old saying, what is "paved with good intentions"?
  4. Which EIGHT colleges make up the athletic conference known as The Ivy League?
  5. How old is a filly when she officially becomes a mare?
  6. Which TV character lived in Ponty Pandy?
  7. Which mythological hero killed the Nemean lion?
  8. Name these Top 10 songs featuring MOTHER in the title from the following artists, [a] Paul Simon (1972), [b] The Rolling Stones (1966), [c] Dr. Hook (1972), [d] Abba (1979) and [e] Neil Reid (1972).
  9. On which Caribbean island did the Calypso originate?
  10. Which is the only member of the CAT family that CANNOT retract its claws?
  11. Which were the original SIX founding nations of the European Economic Community [EU]?
  12. What can be Grahams Corbetts or Munros?
  13. In which year did the first UK census take place?
  14. In 1956 which part of the UK was the first to be designated "an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty"?
  15. Which is the shortest of Shakespeare's plays?
  16. What is The Pentateuch?
  17. What are the common names for these medical conditions, [a] Epistaxis, [b] Rubella, [c] Varicella Zoster, [d] Tinea and [e] Pertussis
  18. In which Australian State is Ayers Rock [Uluru]?
  19. What type of bird is a Welsh Harlequin?
  20. Which sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea lies to the North of Corsica?
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