Quiz Number 27

Published: Tuesday 10th May 2011
  1. Who wrote the children's favourite "The Secret Garden"?
  2. Which British king has reigned for the longest time?
  3. Learner drivers in the UK have to display an 'L' plate, but which other letter can be used in Wales?
  4. Which TWELVE clubs made up the original Football League in 1888?
  5. In judo, which colour belt follows the yellow belt?
  6. Which TWO books of the Old Testament are named after women?
  7. Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were both born in which county?
  8. Name the TOP TEN songs featuring BROTHER in the title from the following artists,[a] Free (1971), [b] The Drifters (1973), [c] Modern Talking (1986), [d] The Hollies (1988) and [e] Element Four (2000)
  9. By what name are The Sandwich Islands now known?
  10. How many jumps does a horse have to clear to win the Grand National?
  11. Which FIVE of the shipping forecast regions are named after rivers?
  12. What is the common name for the medical condition "SINGULTUS"?
  13. What is the only land-locked country in South-East Asia?
  14. Which is Shakespeare's longest play?
  15. By which letter are these vitamins more commonly known, [a] Ascorbic Acid, [b] Niacin, [c] Retinol, [d] Calciferol and [e] Thiamine
  16. If a dish is described as being "a la Florentine", which vegetable is it likely to contain?
  17. In Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", what was the land of giants called?
  18. In which county would you find the Prime Minister's country residence "Chequers"?
  19. Which THREE British racecourses begin with the letter 'P'?
  20. What nationality are "The Cheeky Girls"?
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