Quiz Number 28

Published: Tuesday 7th June 2011
  1. Which British pop group was originally known as SEYMOUR?
  2. Which is the only state of the USA that shares a name with its capital?
  3. Who wrote the novel,"A journey to the Centre of the Earth"?
  4. Which were the SIX original member states of the European union?
  5. In which year was tennis re-introduced as an Olympic sport?
  6. Which colour light is placed on the STARBOARD side of a ship?
  7. Which Minister of Transport first introduced the breathalyser to the UK?
  8. Name the UK top 20 hits from the following artists with "MONKEY" in the title, [a]Frank Chacksfield (1953), [b] Dave & Ansil Collins (1971), [c] Skid Row (1991), [d] The Foo Fighters (1997) and [e] Ian Brown (2000).
  9. Which everyday product is manufactured using the "Chorleywood Process"?
  10. How many Prime Ministers did the UK have within the Twentieth century?
  11. Which FIVE counties share a border with Hampshire?
  12. In which TV series did Catherine Zeta-Jones first find fame?
  13. Which TWO countries are separated by the Gulf of Bothnia?
  14. With a capacity of 67,800, what is the largest sporting stadium in Scotland?
  15. Which cities are served by the following airports, [a] Trudeau International, [b] Logan International, [c] Kansai, [d] McCarran International and [e] Dyce
  16. Who played the Blues Brothers in the 1980 film of the same name?
  17. Philip Pirrip is a central character in which famous book?
  18. Name the THREE seas that surround the Korean peninsular
  19. What is the art of painting on fresh moist plaster using pigments dissolved in water known as?
  20. Where would you find Becketts, Maggotts and Copse?
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