Quiz Number 31

Published: Monday 22nd August 2011
  1. How many Apollo missions resulted in successful moon landings?
  2. By what other name is the Sea of Cortez known by?
  3. On the 1969 Beatles single "Get Back" who is credited on the label in addition to the group?
  4. Which fruit is the highest in calorific value?
  5. Which songs containing the word "Dog" did the following have UK top 10 with, [a] Lita Roza (1953), [b] Jamelia (2006), [c] Adam and the Ants (1980), [d] Lobo (1971) and [e] Baha Men (2000)
  6. On which US state's flag can the Union Jack be found?
  7. Which tennis player reached the final of every US Open between 1982 and 1989?
  8. Which country's leader sits on the Chrysanthemum throne?
  9. Which actresses played the following Bond girls, [a] Jinx Johnson ("Die Another Day"), [b] Paris Carver ("Tomorrow Never Dies"), [c] May Day ("A View to a Kill"), [d]Mary Goodnight ("The Man with the Golden Gun") and [e] Pussy Galore ("Goldfinger
  10. What is the name of Iceland's parliament, the oldest in the world?
  11. In which Disney film does the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" feature?
  12. Who did Mohammed Ali fight in the "Thriller in Manilla"?
  13. Which FIVE countries border Syria?
  14. In which US state did the Battle of Little Big Horn take place?
  15. What was the name of the ship in Bram Stoker's novel that brought Dracula to the UK?
  16. Which open wireless technology derives both its name and logo from the 10th century King Harald 1 of Denmark?
  17. Which fictional lake is filled by the tears of a grieving mother?
  18. In which sports are the following trophies awarded, [a] The Calcutta Cup, [b] The Borg Warner Trophy, [c] The Stanley Cup, [d] The Melbourne Cup and [e] The Vince Lombardi Trophy
  19. What kind of cake can be literally translated as "Tony's Bread"?
  20. Which LP received the first official RIAA Gold Disc in July 1958?
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