Quiz Number 34

Published: Saturday 1st October 2011
  1. Which British General died leading his troops in the capture of Quebec in 1759?
  2. What nationality was the composer Frederick Chopin?
  3. Where might you find GREAVES, CUISSES and a GORGET?
  4. What songs containing the word "MOON" were UK top 5 hits for the following artists, [a] Connie Francis (1958), [b] Jonathan King (1965), [c] Le Ann Rimes (2000), [d] The Police (1979) and [e] The Waterboys (1991)
  5. Who was the FIRST leader of communist Russia?
  6. Which pop group did the Isle of Man commemorate with an issue of stamps in 1999?
  7. Which comedians are famous for the following catch-phrases, [a] "How tickled I am", [b] "Just like that!!", [c] "Rock on Tommy", [d] "Hello, Playmates" and [e] "Shut that door!"
  8. How many players make up an Hurling team?
  9. Native to the Himalayan Mountain region, what is a DEODOR?
  10. Which TWO of the Great Lakes are linked by the Welland Ship Canal?
  11. Who famously said "The only thing we have to fear ,is fear itself"?
  12. What do the following acronyms mean within the computer and technology worlds, [a] RAM , [b] DNS, [c] HTTP, [d] JPEG and [e] PDF
  13. What is the medical name for the WIND-PIPE?
  14. Which artist was responsible for the animation of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"?
  15. Which FIVE countries share a land border with BULGARIA?
  16. How many edges does a UK Twenty Pence coin have?
  17. The Punjab is a region of North West India, but what does Punjab mean?
  18. Who sang the theme songs for the following hit TV shows, [a] "Friends", [b] "One Foot in the Grave", [c] "Moonlighting", [d] "Rawhide" and [e] "Malcolm in the Middle"
  19. Which UK number one for The Searchers was written by Sonny Bono?
  20. Which country is the World's biggest producer of bananas?
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