Quiz Number 36

Published: Saturday 29th October 2011
  1. In which English county were the "Poldark" novels and TV series set?
  2. Which British bank was the first to appoint a female manager in 1958?
  3. King Henry VIII had six wives, but which of his wifes had FOUR husbands?
  4. Which is the only horse that has won both the Grand national and Scottish Grand National in the same season?
  5. What songs containing the word "GLASS" were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Sailor (1975), [b] Annie Lennox (1992), [c] Blondie (1979), [d] John Fred and the Playboy Band (1968) and [e] Gary Numan (1980)
  6. In which city are the headquarters of the European Central Bank?
  7. Who lives in Bikini Bottom?
  8. What temperature in Fahrenheit is equivalent to 100 degrees Centigrade?
  9. Who were the parents of John the Baptist?
  10. Which FIVE countries share a land border with Burma?
  11. "Hatha", "Jnana" and "Karma" are all forms of which activity?
  12. Who in 1978 became the first woman to top the UK charts with a self written song?
  13. With a capacity of 67,800 what currently is the largest sporting stadium in Scotland?
  14. Of which TV series were the following "spin-offs", [a] Frasier, [b] A Different World, [c] Knots Landing, [d] Angel and [e] The Cleveland Show?
  15. Which physical characteristic is shared by Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney and John McEnroe?
  16. Which of the US States is known as "The Bluegrass State"?
  17. What do the following American words translate to in UK English, [a] Car Trunk, [b] Eggplant,[c] Fall, [d] Suspenders and [e] Period
  18. How many Prime Ministers did the UK have in the 20th Century?
  19. Of which professions are the following the patron saints, [a] Andrew, [b] Luke, [c] Cecilia, [d] Gregory the Great and [e] Martha
  20. If you added all the numbers on a roulette wheel what significant number would you get?
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