Quiz Number 38 - Answers

Published: Sunday 4th December 2011
  1. Who was the main character in Orwell's novel "1984"? Winston Smith.
  2. Riga is the capital of which European country? Latvia.
  3. Which FOUR US Presidents have been assassinated? Abraham Lincoln [1865], James A Garfield [1881], William McKinley [1901] and John F Kennedy [1963].
  4. In computing what does the acronym HTTP stand for? HyperText Transfer Protocol.
  5. Which songs containing "SILVER" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists, [a] Hawkwind [1972], [b] Jim Diamond (1986), [c] The Four Seasons (1976), [d] David Essex (1980) and [e] David Soul (1977) [a] "Silver Machine" [reached no. 3], [b] "Hi Ho Silver" [no. 5], [c] "Silver Star" [no. 3], [d] "Silver Dream Machine" [no. 4] and [e] "Silver Lady" [no.1].
  6. What title was given to King Edward VIII after his abdication in 1936? The Duke of Windsor.
  7. What does an ICHTHYOLOGIST study? Fish.
  8. Which painting by Pablo Picasso was inspired by the bombing of a town in the Spanish Civil War? Guernica.
  9. In which year did Queen Victoria celebrate her Diamond Jubilee? 1897
  10. In which towns do the following Scottish football teams play their home matches , [a] Heart of Midlothian, [b] St. Johnstone, [c] Queen of the South, [d] Albion Rovers and [e] St. Mirren [a] Edinburgh, [b]Perth, [c]Dumfries, [d]Coatbridge and [e] Paisley.
  11. By what name is a young hare known? A Leveret.
  12. On which racecourse is the Kentucky Derby run? Churchill Downs.
  13. Which New Zealand born physicist is widely acknowledged as the first to split the atom? Ernest Rutherford.
  14. Which FIVE countries share a land border with CROATIA? Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.
  15. Cliff Richard represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest on TWO occasions, can you name the songs? "Congratulations" [2nd in 1968] and "Power to all our Friends" [3rd in 1973].
  16. What is depicted on the memorial to Lewis Carroll located on the West Shore, Llandudno, North Wales? The White Rabbit.
  17. With which sports were the following films connected with, [a] "Field of Dreams" (1989), [b] "The Big Lebowski" (1998), [c] "Million Dollar Baby" (2004), [d] "Happy Gilmore" (1996) and [e] "This Sporting Life" (1963) [a] Baseball, [b] Bowling, [c] Boxing, [d] Golf and [e] Rugby League.
  18. To which ancient people was HUITZILOPOCHTLI [sometimes known as UITZILOPOCHTLI] both a Sun God and the God of War? The Aztecs.
  19. Which motor manufacturers produced the following models in the UK, [a] Velox (1948-65), [b] Hornet (1961-65), [c] Marina (1971-80), [d] Elise (1996-present) and [e] DMC-12 (1979-82) [a] Vauxhall, [b] Wolsey, [c] Morris, [d] Lotus and [e] DeLorean.
  20. Which series of films included amongst others, the titles "The Voyage Home", "The Final Frontier" and "The Undiscovered Country"? Star Trek [They were Star Trek IV, V & VI respectively].

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