Quiz Number 41

Published: Sunday 29th January 2012
  1. Which instrument did jazzman Gene Krupa find fame playing?
  2. In show jumping how many points does a refusal cost?
  3. Which Danish architect was responsible for designing Sydney Opera House?
  4. Which TWO countries fought the so-called "Football War" of 1969?
  5. Which songs with "HOUSE" in the title were top 5 UK hits for the following artists, [a] Rosemary Clooney (1954), [b] Blur (1995), [c] Alan price Set (1967), [d] Krush (1987) and [e] R Dean Taylor (1974)
  6. Who in 1949 completed the first non-stop Round the World flight?
  7. From where do we obtain LANOLIN?
  8. How many times had Wallis Simpson been married prior to marrying Edward VIII?
  9. Which TWO NHL teams are based in New York?
  10. Which river flows through the following UK cities, [a] Nottingham, [b] Chester, [c] Sunderland, [d] Cambridge and [e] Gloucester
  11. Who is the patron saint of lost causes?
  12. What was the name given to the last steam locomotive built for British Railways?
  13. On what does the Lord Chancellor sit upon in the House of Lords?
  14. In which of Charles Dickens novels do the following characters appear, [a] Ebenezer Scrooge, [b] Betsy Trotwood, [c] Inspector Bucket, [d] Madame DeFarge and [e] Joe Gargery
  15. In which archipelago would you find the islands of Sao Miguel, Terceira and Pico?
  16. What is the total cost of buying all FOUR stations in the traditional game of Monopoly?
  17. Which FOUR countries share a land border with ARMENIA?
  18. Who wrote the novel "The Great Gatsby"?
  19. Which countries have the following top level internet domains, [a] BE, [b] CA, [c] HR, [d] SA and [e] ZA
  20. On which Mediterranean island did poet and writer Robert Graves die in 1985?
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